Atomic Puzzle

Professor needs your help

Genre: Puzzle
Platforms: iOS, Android

Oh dear, Dr. Brainstorm has a PhD level mess in his lab!

His favorite hobby of TAKING OVER THE WORLD has just suffered a major setback.

Just as he was about to complete his latest experiment, his life companion Voigt the cat managed to spill a flask of highly vaporising liquid.

The extremely sensitive atoms were scrambled all over the place!

In our latest game Atomic Puzzle you get to help our cat loving Dr. Brainstorm to organise the scrambled atoms back to how they were.

And progress in his path towards finally TAKING OVER THE WORLD. At least our doctor will have his atoms all sorted out. Taking over the world will require still some more work and experiments...


  • ★ Challenging block puzzle with incredible artwork
  • ★ Several chapters with dozens of unique levels and themes
  • ★ Compete against time and other players
  • ★ Challenge your friends on online
  • ★ Entertaining brain puzzle for many hours

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Frequently asked questions

Question: What should I do?

Answer: You play the game, silly!

Question: I mean what should I do in this game?

Answer: Your purpose is to help Dr. Brainstorm rebuild all the scattered atoms. You need to place the atoms in the correct place and orientation in order to fill the level shapes.

Question: How many levels are there?

Answer: There are dozens of different chapters in the game, with each chapter containing 9 levels. More than enough to keep you busy for a while!

Question: Why is the game so easy?

Answer: It’s only easy at the start, the difficulty rises with every chapter with the shapes becoming more complex.

Question: How do I gain points?

Answer: You gain a better highscore ranking by accomplishing levels as fast as possible. Your level increases as you collect electrons. A faster time gives more electrons, up to a maximum of three per level. You can check your score card, by tapping the highscore list, from the start screen.

Question: Why my name is Unknown and my country is Cambownia?

Answer: When you start the game you can enter your own name and select your country. In case you skipped this, don’t worry, you can update your name and country whenever you like by tapping on the cog icon.

Question: How can I challenge a friend?

Answer: Tap the left top icon from the start screen. You find your friend by searching for their player ID or you can challenge a random player with the randomize icon. When somebody challenges you, or completes the challenge you’ve set, there will be a red circle over the challenge icon.

Question: What happens when I finish the game?

Answer: Dr. Brainstorm takes over the world! *Evil laugh*

Something else troubling?

Do you have more questions in your mind? Please, send them to us by email: We are more than happy to help you!


PositionNamePassed LevelsUsed Time
1.Kyli135446 min 28.871 s
2.Lauri11825 min 25.089 s
3.Dazza B11730 min 36.743 s
4.mab117196 min 31.623 s
5.Zoom117197 min 31.414 s
6.ic@117248 min 21.151 s
7.Unknown116237 min 0.605 s
8.hurley115284 min 39.019 s
9.Ananda10861 min 59.008 s
10.Katrien108154 min 41.584 s
11.Dyox108185 min 57.899 s
12.Looni108397 min 29.721 s
13.filip101140 min 11.172 s
14.Aino100362 min 32.886 s
15.Hilma100641 min 10.092 s
16.Athanasia9947 min 9.394 s
17.Unknown99208 min 45.703 s
18.Eniter9821 min 28.486 s
19.Nevaeh9826 min 6.669 s
20.Charlie98104 min 25.486 s